Use Other Features of WorkHub24 (Step 5)

WorkHub24 has a wealth of other features to help you when working with workflows. All these features are available in your instance of WorkHub24. However, some of the features need to be enabled by your system administrator. Therefore, please contact your sys admin if you don’t see some features. Features to Make Your Work Smart […]

How to Move Cards Between Stages (Step 4)

For Arbitrary Workflows This is easy. In the Board View (Kanban View), you only need to drag an drop a card from one stage to another. In the List View, you can use the Move icon at the beginning of each record (card) to move a card from one stage to another. For Structured Workflows […]

How to Create the First Card (Step 3)

Go to the required workflow that you need to create a card. Locate the ‘New Card’ button at the top of the workflow screen. Click on that to start creating your card. Once clicked on, a form will be shown to you. When the card is opened, the form will look like below, Components of […]

How to Access Your Workflows (Step 2)

Visit the following menu item to view all the Workflow and Data Tables available for you. List of Workflows Once you clicked on the above link, you will be taken to a screen similar to below.  There could be other workflows running in your organization. However, you will see only those workflows that are accessible […]

How to Access your ‘Things to do’ (Step 1)

You will be assigned Tasks in WorkHub24. These tasks could be automatically assigned to you as per the Workflow rules or manually assigned to you by other uses (manual task assignment is only available in Arbitrary Workflows). This is how you access your To-Do Tasks. Once clicked you’ll be taken to a list or tasks […]

Getting Started for Users

What is WorkHub24? WorkHub24 is a collaborative Workflow Management Software to automate your manual processes. Your organization can create many workflows to automate your business processes. It helps you to create a paperless office. You can request your system admin to create any workflow for. Your organization can create any number of workflows without any additional […]

Profile Settings

This settings page is common to all the users. Digital Signature Digital signature can be used in documents that are sent from the system such as Quotes, Invoices, POs and any other similar documents. Delegation Sometimes users need to take time off such as taking a vacation. In such a scenario, before leaving they can […]

Security Settings

Similar to the General section, most of the information that needs to be captured here are self-explanatory. Users are able to use only the Sign-in (or Sign-up) methods you select in this section.   You can share the link shown in the second card with your staff members so that they can sign-up to the […]

General Account Settings

Most of the items in this section are self-explanatory. Please add your working hours and holidays correctly. WorkHub24 supports escalations when a due task is not performed. For example, if there’s an escalation after 1 day and if it falls over a weekend, escalation is correctly done based on the company calendar settings of working […]

Manage Groups

This is where you can manage groups. Apart from creating groups, you are able to add/remove members to these groups. ‘Users in Groups’ widget shows the total number of users assign to all the groups. This could be less than the total of individual group members as there could be members who are in more […]