WorkHub24 Partner Resources

Our Partner Program offers you a way to earn recurring revenue by introducing WorkHub24 to new customers. You take a low-touch approach by referring WorkHub24 to others or you can be more handson which is intended for business/IT advisors, IT consultants, digital transformation experts, software integrators, etc. who have a more hands-on approach with their customers. Whichever the way you operate, these resources are intended to help you reach your customers easily with sound knowledge of WorkHub24.


WorkHub24 Presentation Video

This presentation is intended to give you a high level understanding of the premise of WorkHub24, how it stacked against the other core IT infra of an org, high-level features and integration with other systems.

WorkHub24 Ad-hoc Workflow Demo Video

Presales demonstration guide video. This demo discusses how to create ad-hoc workflows(form design, flow configuration, field permission settings) and data tables (master data).

Marketing Documents

SME Digital Transformation with WorkHub24

This whitepaper discusses how different industries in SME sector can digitally transform their businesses with WorkHub24 quickly, easily and cost effectively.