Peak Performance

Expense claims, Budget Approvals, Leave Approvals, Employee Onboarding, Purchase Order Approvals, Travel Requests, Document Approvals, Invoice Approvals and many more.

Real-time actions boosts productivity

workhub24-workflow approval templates

Jump-start your approvals with Simple Approval Workflow Software

WorkHub24 ready-made Approval Workflow templates can be used as it is or can easily be adjusted to suite to your Approval Process.

Honestly, what options do you have for approval workflow software?

Manual methods or systems that aren’t fit for
purpose can do more harm than good.

Just Email

  • You miss important approval requests due to email overload
  • No proper statistics of requests and approvals
  • Collaboration is poor
  • Insecure: can easily be shared with outsiders
  • Wastes employee time since built in approval levels or permissions are not there
  • Improper prioritizing of approval requests in the inbox

Approval Management Software

  • Complicated pricing: ex. You are charged based on number of approval workflows for the period
  • Poor user friendliness: Difficult to configure, wastes time
  • Impersonal and poor support
  • Full featured versions are expensive

How much is this costing you?

The cost of doing nothing or selecting the wrong solution could be very much damaging. 

Accelerate your growth with Approval Management Software

  • Jump-start real-time approvals by starting with ready-made approval templates
  • Optimize the flows by easily customizing them. Flexibility is our Mantra:
  • All in one: Document approvals; multiple approvers; parallel approvals; multi-level approvals; permission levels; due dates; escalations;etc
workhub24-board view (kanban view)
finance-approval workflow

Save your time with
NO-CODE Visual Platform

  • Offiers simple setup and easy customizations
  • Build your workflow visually, easily.
  • Manage all,
    • Validations
    • Conditions
    • Integrations with other systems
      with no coding and only with visual configurations.

Link Approval Workflows to 1000+ apps

  • Connect your approvals to other workflows
    • You can create many other workflows to automate other areas such as marketing, invoice generation, etc. at no extra cost and link them with approval flows
  • Connect to other applications in your environment
    • Ex. ERPs, Other Core systems
  • Receive information from other applications and services
    • Ex. Forex rate, loan rates, etc

Anytime, anywhere requests and approvals via WorkHub24 mobile app

Never miss a single Approval. Get your notifications and take next steps on the go with WorkHub24 Android and IOS mobile apps.

Maintain excellent approval service levels

  • WorkHub24 let’s you set deadlines and escalations easily
  • It highlights delayed tasks from the rest for quick manager reviews

Have total control over your Approval Workflow with INSIGHTS

You can easily understand how well your requests and approvals are performing with dashboards and reports. Track and analyze approval process, find the bottlenecks and take corrective action.

Here's some more info to help you take next step on your Approvals Software

WorkHub24 is a,

We are happy to have a chat with you to help you setup the Workflow Software the best way for your organization.