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Empower Your IFS ERP with NO-Code Workflow Automation

Seamlessly design, optimize, and automate intricate business processes with precision using drag-and-drop capabilities, empowering your IFS ecosystem for peak efficiency and productivity

Efficient workflow automation within the IFS ERP framework is pivotal in eliminating manual processes reliant on emails and spreadsheets. It seamlessly coordinates tasks, approvals, and data flow across departments, facilitating a shift to a paperless office environment.


Embracing automated workflows in IFS ERP fosters operational fluidity, minimizes errors, expedites approval cycles, and substantially amplifies overall productivity.


It’s the cornerstone for agile, error-free operations in today’s competitive landscape

Enhancing IFS ERP:
WorkHub24's NO-Code Automation Synergy

WorkHub24 complements IFS ERP, offering seamless, no-code workflow automation.

Its NO-Code REST API integration effortlessly connects with IFS ERP, ensuring smooth data exchange and enhancing its organizational capabilities.

This integration expands IFS ERP functionality, enabling users to efficiently design and manage intricate workflows without requiring extensive coding expertise.

Navigate No-Code Workflow Mastery

Discover WorkHub24 for Workflow Automation

Unified Inbox & Streamlined Task Management

WorkHub24’s centralized task management provides a unified inbox for employees, enabling them to easily view, prioritize, and track their assignments. This fosters efficiency, productivity, and improved communication

Go Paperless with Digitalized Forms

Go Paperless with WorkHub24’s seamless form automation. Effortlessly create tailored forms, checklists, and more in a matter of clicks, eliminating the need for paper forms and manual data entry

NO-Code Visual Form Creation

WorkHub24 simplifies form creation through an intuitive, no-code visual interface. Users can effortlessly design forms using drag-and-drop elements, enabling the rapid creation of customized forms without the need for complex coding

Intuitive Drag-and-Drop Flow Creation

Unlike complicated BPMN, WorkHub24 offers an intuitive drag-and-drop interface for creating workflows. This user-friendly approach allows users to design, modify, and visualize workflows seamlessly, enhancing efficiency and reducing the learning curve

Streamlined eSignatures

Sign documents with ease & efficiency using WorkHub24’s streamlined eSignature integration with industry-leading providers. Embed electronic signatures directly into your workflow for seamless document approval

Powerful Workflow SLAs

Meet deadlines & keep processes running smoothly with WorkHub24’s configurable deadlines, reminders, & escalation workflows.
Boost productivity and accountability with powerful SLA management tools

Android and IOS Mobile Apps

Whether you’re working remotely, traveling, or need to stay connected on-the-go, our mobile apps allow you to manage tasks, collaborate with colleagues, & stay productive no matter where you are

Actionable Insights with Flexible Reporting

Make data-driven decisions with WorkHub24’s flexible reporting tools. Empower your team with self-service analytics & visualizations, & gain valuable insights to optimize your processes & achieve your goals

Scalable and Secure

WorkHub24, a SaaS solution, guarantees scalability and security. Begin with ease and expand as needed, supported by stringent security measures, ensuring data integrity while accommodating your business's growth trajectory

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Unlocking a World of Possibilities for IFS with WorkHub24

We Solve Real Problems

Use Cases

WorkHub24’s transformative capabilities extend beyond mere workflow automation, seamlessly integrating with IFS to empower businesses in a multitude of ways. It serves as a bridge between IFS ERP and the real world.

Master Data Creation: The Foundation for Accurate Information

Accurate master data is crucial for transactions and decisions. WorkHub24 automates creation for customers, vendors, employees, materials, and assets. Its no-code workflows streamline data entry, validation, and approvals, ensuring ERP-wide consistency and accuracy

GRN Process Automation: Accelerating Receipts

WorkHub24 streamlines GRN tasks, reducing paperwork and delays in inventory management. Seamlessly integrated with IFS, it automates the process from request to creation, managing product types, quantities, and approvals efficiently for timely processing

Complex Approval Automation: Accelerating Decisions

WorkHub24 automates intricate approval workflows like requisitions and expenses, expediting informed decisions. Its no-code design allows tailored workflows, defining routes, roles, and escalation. This streamlines processes, removing bottlenecks for quicker decisions

Document Approval Workflows: For Compliance and Efficiency

WorkHub24 standardizes document approval, ensuring policy compliance and efficiency. Seamlessly integrated with IFS ERP, it automates document workflows, managing contracts and invoices. Defined rules and escalations ensure timely approvals, reducing errors, and ensuring compliance.

Streamlined Service Request Management

WorkHub24 streamlines ticketing and service requests, ensuring timely resolutions for exceptional customer support. Integrated with IFS ERP, it tracks and resolves issues efficiently, enhancing customer satisfaction and fostering loyalty.

Streamlined Procurement

WorkHub24 simplifies complex procurement processes, automating RFP/RFQ, contract management, and vendor onboarding. Integrated with IFS ERP, it optimizes supplier selection, negotiation, and procurement, reducing costs and enhancing efficiency

Efficient HR Process Automation

WorkHub24 automates HR tasks like onboarding, reviews, and training requests, ensuring timely handling. Integrated with IFS, it manages employee data, appraisals, and tasks, streamlining HR operations for strategic focus.

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