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HR Workflow Automation, why?

Humans are unpredictable. Which means the employees in your organization too are very much dynamic and demanding. That’s why you need to give them the superior support in their daily work life. That’ll make a world of difference for your organization in terms of quality of internal services and cost.

How you can benefit from HR Workflow Software & automation?

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Employee onboarding

Offer a consistent experience to new team member by making sure no step is skipped or missed in the employee onboarding process.

Performance appraisal

Evaluate each employee’s job performance periodically. Have a structured and efficient performance appriasal process between managers and employees.

Employee offboarding

When an employee leaves ensure that everything is done correctly & relationship ends smoothly. Follow a step by step process designed through HR Workflow Software.

New hire requests

Recognizing the need to hire a new resource, employees/managers send these requests. This is the first step in recruitment process. Multi-step approvals by managers are facilitated.

Application tracking

Publish the application form provided by the HR Workflow Software. Visually track all the candidates and their information sent through the online form submissions.

Interview feedback

Get feedback after a candidate interview by getting candidates to fill a form after the interview. Statistically analyze the reposnes to make the interview process better.

HR request

Keep all requests organized in just one place. Get approvals from right managers based on types of requests. Send auto acknoledgemnts. Create a satisfactory working environment.

Training request

Helps you manage training requests comnig from employees. You can configure the request form with required information to attend and service such requests promptly.

Leave request

This workflow controls the application, approval and tracking of employee leaves. Workflow includes routing the application form through multiple decision-makers, notifying admin staff and communicating with other system such as HRIS.

Employee feedback

Helps you & HR department to manage employee feedback process. You can capture this information in a structured way so that organzation can quickly improve upon employee feedback analysis.

Employee surveys

Understand the impact of existing policies and identify areas for improvement via properly structure employee surveys created and published locally online via HR Workflow Software.

Many more HR Workflow Automation & other templates

WorkHub24 HR Workflow Software allows you to create more workflows for many other processes

Track every HR process visually

hr workflow software

In order to improve your HR processes, it is important to have a good understanding of how the process currently works. That’s where the visualizations comes in; where you have each step in the process corresponding to a column or lane in your Kanban board.

WorkHub24 does exactly that. Its a visual workflow software. It helps you visualize all your workflows easily using Kanban boards. If a request is getting delayed or escalated, manager(s) can easily notice with highlighted cards.

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