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Expense Reimbursements

Expense Reimbursements

Submit requests via web or mobile. Speedup reimbursement process, save employee time and increase efficiency.

Mileage Reimbursements

Mileage Reimbursements

Request and approve online or mobile. Best way to reduce errors, cut costs & increase employee satisfaction.

Travel Requests/Approvals

Any traveller who travelled for official purposes knows the hassle in requesting and getting approvals, especially when traveling long distances.
Use Travel Request Workflow to simplify the travel request approvals process, increase the efficiency and save the valuable time of your employees.

Purchase Requests​

Purchase Requests

You can use this workflow separately or as part of the procure to pay process. Send purchase requests through all approvers and enforce approval levels and limitations.
You can easily change the workflow to suit to your organizational policies.

Procure to Pay​

Procure to Pay

Coordinate with every stake holder and unlock the full potential of procure-to-pay process. Prevent manual data entry and automate the entire process.

Order to Cash ​

Order to Cash

Process orders quickly. Increase productivity, reduce lead times and enhance the cashflow. All with simplicity and less or no manual errors.

Payment Approvals ​

Payment Approvals

You have many supplier payments to be made which needs proper approvals. Use this workflow to simply it and also keep a track of all the spending.
Reduce the manual work by automatically allocating requests based on the spending limits. Approvers can easily compare with past payments before approvals.

Salary Advance Requests ​

Salary Advance Requests

You can get rid of physical forms and paperwork by using this workflow. Employees can send requests from web or mobile. Managers can approve/decline without delay.
You can easily increase employee satisfaction. Also, historical reports are available for analysis.

Employee Loan Requests ​

Employee Loan Requests

Help employees manage their loan requests digitally without papers. Send through proper automated approval process.

New Asset Requests ​

New Asset Requests

This workflow helps you optimize your asset request and approval management process. You will have requests, clarifications, approvals and rejections as part of the workflow. Keep your asset register updated with the workflow activities.

Budget Requests

Budget Requests

Streamline budget requests easily. Send through multi-step approvals and enforce spending approval limits.
Keep a track of all request and generate dashboards and reports for analysis.

Capex Requests ​

Capex Requests

The best way to enforce company policies on capital expenditure. Speed up the approval process and greatly reduce inefficiencies in the approval process.

Custom Workflows ​

Custom Workflows

Create more custom workflows to automate other business processes of your finance, accounts and procurement department(s) easily with WorkHub24.

New Vendor Registration​

New Vendor Registration

Vendors/suppliers play an important role in your organization. Onboarding and registration of vendors needs to be done methodically.
Use this workflow to register and onboard suppliers faster and efficiently. Make the right decisions based on the proper filtering and approvals.

Asset Disposal ​

Asset Disposal

For an efficient asset disposal process with multi-step approvals, use the Asset Disposal Workflow.

Maintenance Work Order​

Maintenance Work Order

You can efficiently manage workorders coming from various departments with this workflow.
Send requests through approval process and once approved automatically send out the request to relevant parties.

Investment Authorizations

Investment Authorizations

Maintain a proper process and tracking for investment authorizations. Collaborate with notes and messages. Efficiently manage investment decisions.

Petty Cash Requests

Petty Cash Requests

Completely remove manual paperwork involved with petty cash requests. You can enforce petty cash policy and approval levels.
Strict approval flows make sure costs are managed right. Get reports on spending across the organization.

Finance Workflows done the easy way


Finance Databases

Store all your vendors, assets, products and other data in one place. Create additional databases if required..


Create Requests Easily

Any user can create requests using web or mobile app in any workflow app they have access to.

finance approval

Approve, Reject, & Clarify

Send requests through multi-step information gathering or approvals process. Set permissions easily.


Get Insights & Optimize

Review every finance process with dashboards and reports. Look for bottlenecks/improvements & continuously optimize.

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Integrate with Your existing tools

  • Your finance team may rely on other go-to apps both inhouse or in the cloud to get the work done. You can integrate WorkHub24 with 1000s of other apps/services via Zapier.
  • You can easily connect your on-premise or other apps with our simply configurable webhooks without a single line of code.
workhub24 integrations

Designed to be operated & customized by finance teams

  • Make your finance processes strong by validating user inputs according to your business needs with easy to use validation statements.
  • Auto fill form fields based on equations that are easily made with visual components.
    You can reduce manual work by automatically calculating form values with visual equations & brining in information from other sources (ex. Forex application or loan rate from a different application.
  • Make sure sensitive financial information visibility is controlled based on the users or other informaiton in the form.

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