Streamlining NO-Code Workflows with On-premises AD & Azure Integration: How WorkHub24 Simplifies SSO for End Users

Integrating on-premises Active Directory (AD) with Azure AD is becoming increasingly important for organizations to manage their digital identities and secure their IT infrastructure. With the rise of cloud computing and remote workforces, more and more businesses are migrating to the cloud and adopting a hybrid IT model. This presents a challenge for IT administrators who need to manage access and authentication for users across both on-premises and cloud environments. By integrating on-premises AD with Azure AD, organizations can achieve a unified identity management solution that provides secure and seamless access to all their IT resources.

WorkHub24, AD, & SSO

For users of WorkHub24, Single Sign-On (SSO) is a crucial feature that simplifies the authentication process and enhances security. With SSO, users only need to sign in once to access all the applications and services they are authorized to use. This eliminates the need to remember multiple passwords and reduces the risk of security breaches due to weak or compromised credentials. WorkHub24 supports SSO through integration with both on-premises AD and Azure AD, making it easier for organizations to manage user access and authentication across their IT environments.

WorkHub24 fetches organizational hierarchy from On-Prem Active Directory

WorkHub24’s integration with on-premises AD also enables the platform to fetch organizational hierarchy information. This means that administrators can configure workflows and access controls based on the organizational structure, roles, and permissions defined in the on-premises AD. This helps to ensure that users have the appropriate level of access and authorization to perform their job functions, while also simplifying the management of user access rights.

WorkHub24 facilitates SSO using Azure AD

In addition to on-premises AD integration, WorkHub24 also supports integration with Azure AD to facilitate SSO. With Azure AD integration, users can seamlessly access WorkHub24 services with a single click of the SSO button. This eliminates the need for users to enter their credentials every time they want to access the platform, saving time and improving the overall user experience.

Say goodbye to the hassle of remembering multiple login credentials! WorkHub24's seamless SSO integration with Microsoft allows users to access the platform with just a click on the login page

No Technical Complexities for End Users

By supporting integration with both on-premises AD and Azure AD, WorkHub24 provides its clients with a trouble-free integration experience. Organizations can easily manage their digital identities and authentication policies across their entire IT environment, without worrying about the underlying technicalities of integrating with different identity providers. End users can enjoy seamless access to WorkHub24 services, without the hassle of remembering multiple passwords or navigating complex authentication processes.