Foolproof Expense Approval System

The best expense approval system for your organization. It’s flexible; therefore its adaptable to your approval process.
WorkHub24 is easy to setup so that you can start using it in minutes.

Expense approval process is straightforward.
Why automate it?

Expense approval process is straightforward.
Why automate it?

What options are there to automate your
modern business expense approvals?


Excel sheets/ papers/ email/ chat

Only okay for very small teams. Not the right way for modern growing businesses.


Specific expense approval software

Inflexible. Less value for money. They cannot be used for other approvals such as PO, Invoice, travel, etc. (Ex. NetSuite Expense Management)

Here’s how we save you money, increase productivity and make employees happy?

Step 1

Set up Online Approval System in minutes

Can a non-IT person do this? Yes, absolutely.
We’ve got expense approval system related templates ready for you. All you need to do is select the desired templates and start using. It’s that easy.

workhub24-expense approval system
Step 2

Change in Minutes

Sometimes you require changes to the template you added; be it changing the flow, fields or other things, you can easily do that with WorkHub24’s Workflow designer wizard.

The changes you can do include: adding auto approvals, spending limits, multi-step approvals, escalations and many more.

Step 3

Now, requests and approvals are just a click or a touch away

Your approval software is with you wherever you go. Users now can submit requests online or via mobile. Managers can approve with a touch of a button. Finance team no longer manually need to create reports/ dashboards, instead they are readily available.

WorkHub24 Data Table for Expenses
Step 4

View, Search & Export, Approved Expenses From One Place

Step 5

Add more workflows

We go beyond with our Expense Approval Software. You don’t need to get limited to expense workflow templates we’ve provided. You can easily start from the scratch and build new workflows to automate your expense and other business processes.

More benefits you get with Expense Approval System

You can do more with WorkHub24,
we don't charge extra


WorkHub24 is a platform for Workflows. Not only expense approval system workflows, but also, you can use it as a Workflow Software to automate other business processes such as HRIS Workflows in your organization.

Create other approval workflows

We've got dozens of other templates to choose from. Create Workflows to automate other processes in your business. No extra charge.

Organizational heirarchy

Visibility of information and escalations when deadlines expire can easily be communicated upward via org hierarchy.

NO CODE platform

Validate, compute and decide permissions easily based on visual logic building. A simple UI will guide you through to build complex logics.

WorkHub24 Expense Approval System