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How to Access Your Workflows (Step 2)

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Visit the following menu item to view all the Workflow and Data Tables available for you.

List of Workflows

Once you clicked on the above link, you will be taken to a screen similar to below.  There could be other workflows running in your organization. However, you will see only those workflows that are accessible to you. Click on a workflow to view the cards.

3 Workflow Views

Once you click on a workflow you are given 3 views.

1. Board View (Kanban View)

This view organizes cards in a Kanban view. You can move cards feely if it’s an Arbitrary Workflow.

You cannot move cards in the Kanban View of a Structured Workflow. This is because, your admin has set rules for moving cards from one stage to another. To progress a card, you will have to open the card as a form and then take the next action via action buttons at the bottom of the form.

2. List View

The stage layout is similar to Board View; however, cards are arranged as records in the List View. Only records (cards) related to the selected stage are shown.

3. Task View

A Workflow may have tasks assigned to you. This view allows you to see the tasks of all the workflows in a categorized view based on the task type.

In an Arbitrary Workflow, there could be multiple tasks assigned to you. They will all be the INPUT tab.

In a Structured Workflow, there can only be one task assigned to you. It could be of any type and can be in any of the tabs. Once you click on the record (card), the relevant form or task will be opened for your action.

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