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Simple Help Desk Ticketing System

User friendly ticketing system for SMEs that keeps customers engaged, gives you visibility and total control over customer complaints.

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Automated Service Level Tracking with Escalations & Reminders

  • Automatically identify tickets that are about to exceed specific service levels in each of the stages & Escalate. For example if a ticket has not been responded to within 2 hours, notify a supervisor to react.
  • Setting up simple To-Do reminders inside the ticket is easy. Once setup, system will alert you at the right time.

Automatic SMS /Emails to Customers about Ticket Status

Give customers the visibility to the status of their requests by sending status messages at predetermined steps, while you are giving full attention the tickets.


Better customer communication always make happy customers even in problematic situations.

customer email and sms

Customize Ticket Templates with Custom Fields

Customize the Ticket template to maintain information that are unique to your organization.

Do this with a variety of custom fields such as dropdowns, radio buttons, tables, lookup fields, etc. This allows you to keep all the related information in one place.

Host of Other Useful Features

  • Validations:
    Apply validations to ticket fields so that proper ticket information is maintained
  • Ticket Tags (Labels):
    Text or color coded labels allow easy organization of tickets where you can quickly spot tickets which require special attention or simply to categorize them.
  • Internal Notifications:
    Trigger notifications to employees when there are assigned tickets via the system.
  • Route to Relevant Teams:
    Based on the type, category or any other attribute, send ticket to the right team.
  • and more..

Have total control with Help Desk Insights


Powerful reporting tools allow management to track and measure their success in meeting these timelines, define problem areas, and make improvements where necessary.

Find peace of mind knowing that your support tickets are well kept, attended, resolved and closed in quick-time with WorkHub24.

WorkHub24 Ticketing System runs on Internet and it doesn’t need any software installations. It’s a true plug and play solution where you can get it up and running in quick time. 

Affordable Pricing

You pay a monthly subscription for a user.

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