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Best Operations Management Software
for Migration Consultancy Firms.


For a hassle free Immigration Consultancy Business

Manage More Clients with Less Staff

More Clients

Close more clients in less time. Manage your clients easily while getting visibility to your prospecting process. Give the team right tool to accelerate sales.

Manage All Types of Immigration

Handle all types of clients requests such as Skilled Visa, business Visa, Student Visa, Tourist Visa & many more with a unique process for each.

on Clients

Immigration business requires persons from many geographies working together. This is the best solution to easily collaborate while working.

Keep All Records in One Place

Maintain your Client details, documents such as certificates/reports all in one place and access them from anywhere in the world.

Less Dependency on Staff Turnover

WorkHub24 SME Immigration software greatly reduces risk and losses of high staff turnover by keeping all the information complete and validated.

Is Your Process Unique?
No Worries,
We can adapt easily

  • Flexibility is at the heart of WorkHub24. You don’t need to settle for the standard package.
  • It can easily be changed and customized in quick time to suit to your company needs.

Take Control of Client Engagement

Automatic Client Notifications

Be it reminders or progress updates, notify clients automatically via Email/SMS through out the clients journey.

Clients Journey

Devil is in the details. Efficiently process client engagements by tracking every little detail and steps in the client’s journey.


Digitalize petty cash and other expenses requests and approvals. Manage reimbursements and get reports without a hassle.

Track Invoices/ Collections

Keep a track of invoices and payments by clients inside the client dossier. Get reports of all payments received easily.

Reminders at the Right Time

Follow-up is the key to success. Never miss follow-ups through out client's journey by receiving notifications on web , email and mobile.

Reports in Your Immigration Company Software

Get insights about the client leads pipeline, clients in processing, closed clients and other related activities via dynamic reports and dashboard module in WorkHub24. Examples are,

  • New clients over time
  • Consultations planned/completed
  • Converted clients report
  • Visa process planned/progressing/completed
  • Work-in-progress analysis
  • Invoice/Collections analysis
  • And many other reports

Digitalize All Your Business Workflows

You can digitalize other areas such as

  • Client complaints
  • Employee leave requests
  • Employee salary advance/loan requests
  • Expense Request/approval
  • And many more

Unlock the Exponential Growth with the Best Software for Immigration Consultancy Companies

WorkHub24 (SME) Immigration Business Management Software runs on Internet and it doesn’t need any software installations. It’s a true plug and play solution. You can get it up and running in minutes. It’s the ideal place to keep the entire client files in one place, collaborate with the team and increase team productivity.

Affordable Pricing

You pay a monthly subscription for a user.

Simple & Easy Digital Transformation to Your Law Firm/Legal Department

$ 7 Month/user
  • Legal case management
  • Leads management
  • Complain management
  • Many other process automation

Affordable Pricing

You pay a monthly subscription for a user.

Get the Most Simplest & Economical Digitalization Solution to your Immigration Consultancy Company.