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New Product Development Process Workflow

Most flexible & intituive way to automate and run a NPD process.

Effortless New Product Development Process

New Product Development Process Automation Workflow Software from WorkHub24 gives you the most flexible & intuitive way to automate and run a NPD process. You can change the NPD Process Workflow to suit your needs visually very easily.

The management would be able to track the progress and manage the NPD process as it moves through the idea-to-commercialization and then to launch process.

Remove Spreadsheets & Paper Use with Digital Forms

You can get rid of manual and unstructured data entry and data manipulation with spreadsheets or paper forms. WorkHub24 gives you a way to collect and collate information for visually built forms. These forms are flexible and can easily be built by you.


Visualize your NPD Process with Kanban Workflows

WorkHub24-Sales Workflow

No more emails & document attachments back and forth between various NPD stake holders. You can keep all the information in one place and collaborate easily. All the product details such as sales forecasts, budget requirements, customer feedback, management feedback, comments, etc will be in one visual digital dossier traversing through the NPD workflow.

Management can easily review and approve or give feedback with one click from anywhere, anytime via web or mobile.

Enforce Business Rules Easily

You can Build all the business rules including management, administrative controls and conditions in to the NPD process. Hide confidential information where necessary. Do escalations to maintain the SLA of every stage. Route decision making or approvals to relevant management stake holders based on the approval levels (ex. Budget approval limits) easily. Do all these with easy configurations.


System sends right notifications to users (via web, mobile or email) when actions required.

workhub24-npd-workflow customization
finance-approval workflow

Change the Workflow by yourself

NPD process may undergo changes depending on the business dynamics. You can easily adjust the NPD Workflow to suit to new conditions. All within your control.

Statistics/ Insights at your fingertip

Management can easily get a view of all the activities in the NPD process with dashboards and reports. No need to manually generate reports. They can be configured once and then viewed/presented in review meetings or evaluation NPD meetings in tabular or chart forms. Make right decisions fast with WorkHub24 NPD process insights.


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