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marketing automation workflows

Modernize your marketing department with WorkHub24 Marketing Automation Workflows

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WorkHub24 helps you digitally transform your marketing team activities that are repetitive and manual. Plan, execute, track and complete your marketing activities efficiently and effectively.

We give you Marketing Workflows that’ll set you apart from the rest


Lead Management Workflow

Leads are generated from so many sources including social media. Collect all the leads automatically from many sources & take them to a closure efficiently and effectively.


Customer Survey/ Feedback Workflow

Tracking customer responses is very essential. With this workflow you can get them to fill a survey or a feedback from easily, send it through a tracking workflow & analyze the results with charts and dashboards easily.


Campaign Management

Manage and coordinate multiple campaigns easily with starting from planning stage going up to completion & results capturing. You can breakdown the execution in to multiple stages and track the progress.


Ideation Process for Marketing

Get your team members to generate fresh ideas that can be transformed into innovative marketing solutions. Give a place for every person to submit new marketing ideas & then send those through a nurturing, reviewing & an approval process till they become an executable marketing project.


Marketing Budget Approvals

Make your budget approval process quick, transparent and process oriented. Templates will help you get the right information at the submission. Have a multi-step approval process. You can also have approval levels where a request is automatically sent to the correct approver.


Marketing Project Management

Be it a website launch or a PR campaign, go to market faster with managing projects with improved communication and collaboration with project stake holders. Maintain form templates to collect required information and documents. Send material for reviews and approvals.


Product Launch

Helps you plan and execute a perfect product launch. Simplify & streamline the launch process by planning activities upfront, assigning responsibilities, setting timelines and collecting required collaterals and many more with this workflow.


Task Management

Improve communication between stake holders by tracking tasks both individually & team wise. Get reminders, have automatic escalations to get the work completed on time.


Marketing Request Management

Marketing department gets many requests from internal or external customers. Use this process workflow to receive requests from a simple web from, sort according to priority and execute them while keeping requesters updated via automatic email updates.


Renewal Workflow

Renewing customers is very important for services based businesses. If not done right you might lose the customer. This workflow helps your team to follow-up methodically and make sure customers happily renew without last minute surprises.


Upselling Workflow

It’s always easy to sell to existing customers than finding new customers. Use this workflow to properly plan and execute a successful upselling of products or services to your existing customers. You can also get reports of where the bottlenecks and customer concerns which needs addressing.


Other Process Automation

You can easily create more collaborative custom workflows to automate many other processes of your marketing department(s) easily with WorkHub24.

Most Powerful Marketing Process Automation

with Flexible Marketing Automation Workflows

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WorkHub24 is a no-code flexible platform. You can try out our existing Marketing Process Workflows, change them or create new workflows for your processes visually, easily.

Make your marketing processes strong by validating user inputs. Control access to sensitive information easily by yourself.

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