Order Management Workflow

Order management is one of the most critical processes in your organization.

It has many steps from the moment a customer places the order until the payment is received.

Automating Order Management in a workflow involves

  • clearly assigning tasks in the areas of responsibility (such as sales, finance, stores & logistics),
  • connecting multiple systems for information collection and submission and
  • keeping relevant persons updated about the progress.

Order Management Process

order management workhub24

You can customize this Order Management Workflow easily with WorkHub24 no-code/ low-code platform.
Change the form to match the information you collect, change the flow to suit your process flow and also apply the business rules visually and easily.

Benefits of Automating Order Management Process

Automation gives a clear picture of the progress. Helps management to get a strategic view for decision making

How to Get Your Own Order Management Workflow

WorkHub24 comes with a list of workflow templates called Pre-built Workflows. They can be added to your WorkHub24 account free of charge. Order Management Workflow is also available as a Pre-built Workflow. Following following steps to add it,

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