Deliver More Client Projects, Services, Installations.
Your Way. More Optimized.

Improve your project deliveries by planning, executing, tracking, and completing work in less time with this software.

Ideal for companies doing customer projects in construction, mechanical, electrical, power and similar areas engaged in installations, service deliveries on a repetitive basis.


Handle More Project Deliveries in Less Time

A System that is Tailor-made to Your Proceses

Customized to Your Delivery Process

You know your business well. We will help you digitalize is so that it's more optimized and runs efficiently.

Manage & Track Multiple Deliveries/ Installations

With best tracking and more information at your fingertips, your team will deliver more in less time.

Track Time and Deadlines (SLA)

Allocate time for each step in your delivery process. Get notifications and escalations on time violations. Get reports on project cycle times.

Engage Your Clients

Send project status updates automatically to users and clients via Email/SMS using your own templates.

Reminders & Notifications

Get notifications on important events and reminders on due activities of the ongoing projects.

Manage Complex Project Information Easily

Now It's Time to Take Control of Your Client Deliveries

Empower People to Work Together

Let the different teams such as sales, technical, installation, field service and support teams collaborate on customer deliveries.

Clear Team Hand-overs Between Different Stages

System facilitates clear handovers if your projects require handing over between different teams

Track Master Data

Keep service delivery related master data(supplier info, 3p product info, etc.) in databases which can easily be accessed during the project execution.

Streamline Other Workflows

such as procurements related to the project and 3rd party equipment ordering.

All Your Dashboards/ Reports in One Place

Get access to a ready-made set of reports and easily create your own reports.  Some of the xamples are,

  • Delayed projects/ installations
  • New projects/project closures report
  • Collections for projects
  • Project duration analysis(min/max/ave)
  • Any many more

Pave the way for quicker and efficient Project Deliveries with Project Workflow Management Software

WorkHub24 Software runs on Internet and it doesn’t need any software installations. It’s a true plug and play solution where you can get it up and running easily in quick time. It’s the ideal place to manage all your process based operations in one place with Improved collaboration, accountability, and stakeholder engagement.

Affordable Pricing

You pay a monthly subscription for a user.

Simple & Easy Digital Transformation to Your Law Firm/Legal Department

$ 7 Month/user
  • Legal case management
  • Leads management
  • Complain management
  • Many other process automation

Affordable Pricing

You pay a monthly subscription for a user.

Get the Most Simplest & Economical Digitalization Solution for  your Company.