Find all the guidance you need to master WorkHub24. These videos will help you level up your WorkHub24 user and admin skills, from quick onboarding guide to in-depth tutorials on specific features.

(Admin Guide)
How to Sign-up to WorkHub24
with Gmail

A brief video about creating a new WorkHub24 account for your company with your personal or corporate Gmail account.

(Admin Guide)
Create Ad-hoc Workflows &
Data Tables

How to create Data Tables and Workflows with Form design. Explains the use of Lookup fields, field validation and auto computing field values.

(Admin Guide)
Field computations, conditional visibility & Form Tables

A guide on how to set fields to show computed values, conditionally make fields visible & set the last row of a form table to show the column totals, etc.

(Admin Guide)
Creating Your First Structured(Advance) Workflow

Takes you through the simple steps to create your first structured (advance) workflow. Depending on the requested amount, it takes one of 2 parallel branches.

(User Guide)
WorkHub24 Sales & Implementation (Sample) Workflow

Guide to start using WorkHub24 as a user by signing up via an invitation email. See how to use a Sales & Implementation (Ad-hoc) workflow.

(User Guide)
Law Firm Business Management Software

Manage your law firm activities such as case management, expense management (& more) with this business management software from WorkHub24.

(User Guide)
Education/Migration Agency System - Student Migration Workflow

User guide on digitalized of Student Migration Workflow application for an Education/Migration Agency.

General Administration

Add New User to Your WorkHub24 Instance - How to?

Adding a user is simple. Once added in the system by the admin, user receives an email with a temporary password. User can use that to sign in and change the password

Fields & Related Functions

Number & Currency Fields

Shows how to validate, control visibility and do computations on Number and Currency Fields in WorkHub24

Title Field

How to set the title of the form using one or a combination of other fields in the form.

Internal Lookup (IntLookup) Field

Internal Lookup Field (IntLookup) allows you to bring information from Data Tables of WorkHub24

Table Field

Shows how a Table field can be added to the form of WorkHub24, add fields, load data from Data Tables, do computations and who column totals.

Setting Field Visibility Based on Conditions

Shows you how the visibility of fields in the form can be controlled by the values of other fields.