Accelerate Sales with

Sales CRM for
Lead Management

This flexible Sales CRM can adapt to your sales process so that your team can close more deals in less time

sales workflow design

One size doesn't fit all

A completely unique approach to your Sales Workflow

WorkHub24 is extremely flexible. It’s ready-made Sales CRM can be used as it is or customized to suite to your proven Sales Process.
We understand you could be busy too. Our partners can help you setup, configure and train your team one-on-one

Honestly, Is this the way for sales automation?

Manual methods or systems that aren’t fit for
purpose can do more harm than good.

Excel sheets or

  • Collaboration is poor, therefore, Excel sheets are good for 1 or 2 man teams
  • Spreadsheets are insecure: can easily be exposed to competition
  • Excel cannot automate admin tasks or reminders

Old-School Sales

  • These are hardly flexible, hence can’t be adapted
  • Impersonal and poor support
  • Very complicated for an average user
  • Very poor features and not future compatible. 

Online Sales

  • Lack of technical support
  • Full featured CRM versions are very expensive for an average company
  • They are complex to use & not intuitive, hence employees have a long learning curve, therefore resist.

The cost of doing nothing or selecting the wrong solution could be very much damaging. 

  • Your team’s valuable time wasted on manual work which otherwise could be spent on selling
  • Poor follow-ups and incomplete or absence of information lead to loss of leads and deals
  • Greater risk to the company as the sales info can easily be exposed or stolen
  • Money spent unnecessarily software which are not giving results

Extremely Flexible Modern Sales CRM

Have a Sales Workflow running in a short time, with less hassle and in a cost effective way

  • This is the MOST FLEXIBLE Sales Workflow Automation available to power your entire sales process.
  • You can change the Sales Workflow to suit your needs visually very easily.
  • WorkHub24 is a NO CODE platform. That means, you can create many other workflows to automate other areas such as marketing, invoice generation, etc at no extra cost

Built to make your life simpler

Easy setup and customizations

workhub24-sales workflow customization
  • Sales CRM is readily available
  • Flexibility is at the heart of WorkHub24
    • You can change/ design your own Sales Workflow
    • Arrange the input form the way you desire: No other Sales CRM do this for you
    • Change flow to match your sales process
  • Configure and be notified of escalations for delays in the process and salespersons

Better System Means Accelerated Sales

WorkHub24 gives you more ways to maintain a better system with quality sales data

    • Calculations– system does the calculations on user’s behalf, saving time of salespersons
    • Validations – avoid users dumping garbage data
    • permissions – Safe guard access to sensitive information

Connect to Other Apps

  • Connect your lead sources easily to sales workflow
    • Emails
    • Facebook leads, etc
  • Update other applications in your environment
    • Ex. ERPs, Other Core systems
  • Receive information from other applications and services
    • Ex. Forex rate, loan rates, etc

Have total control over your Sales with Insights


You can easily understand how well your sales are progressing and your team is performing with dashboards and reports. Track and analyze sales process, find the bottlenecks and take corrective action.

Unlock the Exponential Sales Growth with the Best Sales CRM for SMEs

WorkHub24 Sales CRM Software runs on Internet and it doesn’t need any software installations. It’s a true plug and play solution where you can get it up and running in minutes. It’s the Sales CRM to manage all your Sales Leads in one place, collaborate with the team and grow sales exponentially.

Affordable Pricing

You pay a monthly subscription for a user.

Get the Most Simplest & Affordable Sales CRM to Grow Sales Exponentially in your Organization.