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What is WorkHub24?

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WorkHub24 is a collaborative Workflow Management Software to automate your manual processes. Your organization has many business processes. Some of the examples are,

  • Application to approval
  • Issue resolution
  • Lead management
  • Asset request
  • Procure to pay

Each of these processes are managed by employees of your organization. Manual processing with excel sheets, emails, or bespoke applications increases inefficiency, reduce customer satisfaction and affect your profits.

How does WorkHub24 fit in to your organization?

WorkHub24 allows you to organize and take control by streamlining and automating these business processes. It does this by using or creating a workflow that matches every business process in your organization.

WorkHub24 has easy ways of integrating with your existing applications such as ERPs or other core systems. It allows you to easily extend the functions and introduce new functions when ERPs or Core systems are too rigid and expensive. WorkHub24 can delivery such functionality easily.


WorkHub24 will make,

Your organization agile: Always automate processes quickly with ease and keep them updated when business dynamics changes.

Increases customer satisfaction: Because processes are executed effectively and efficiently delivering better, faster customer service

Increases efficiency: Because it reduces time delays by automating of manual processing elements as much as possible

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