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Manage Account Settings

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This is the area where you manage your users, groups and other organizational settings. Please click on the following menu item to access the ‘Account Settings’.

You can manage following under the ‘Account Settings’ section.


  • Users: Add/remove, activate/deactivate and perform other functions for users in your system


  • Groups: Add/remove groups and add/remove users to groups in your system


  • General: Set company name, time-zone, company calendar and other company wide relevant information


  • Security: Decide how users can sign-up, which domains are allowed and other security related settings.


  • Audit: Access your past user actions as an audit table.


  • Billing: Useful for the Billing Admin who’s in-charge of payments. Shows active/inactive users and other payment/billing related information.


  • Profile: While all the above settings are applicable to system admins, this page is applicable to all the system users. This is where a user sets personal details, digital signature and many other personal information related to the system.
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