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How to Create the First Card (Step 3)

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Go to the required workflow that you need to create a card. Locate the ‘New Card’ button at the top of the workflow screen. Click on that to start creating your card. Once clicked on, a form will be shown to you.

When the card is opened, the form will look like below,

Components of a Card (Form)

Fields Area

This is where all the fields related to cards are shown. There are more than 15 field types. Click here to get more details about the field types in WorkHub24.


When you reject, send back or ask for clarification regarding a card, you will be prompted for a reason. Such information is stored in the Messages section. Additionally, it’s possible for a user to add a message manually.


History area is shown at the bottom right corner of the form. This gives you all the historical actions on the card performed by you and other assignees.


This section is only available for Arbitrary Workflows only. In these workflows, users who have access to a card can create tasks for others or themselves. When you access the ‘Workflow Task View’ you will see these Tasks pending for you.

Accessible To

This section is only available for Arbitrary Workflows only. Here, you can add or remove users who have access to this card. When you give person access to a card, all the supervisors and line managers of that user will also get access to this card.

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