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What is WorkHub24?

WorkHub24 is a collaborative Workflow Management Software to automate your manual processes. Your organization can create many workflows to automate your business processes. It helps you to create a paperless office. You can request your system admin to create any workflow for. Your organization can create any number of workflows without any additional costs.

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What is a Workflow?

Workflow is a set of steps automated. There are different stages (steps) in a workflow. There’s a form for every workflow. A form comprises of many fields and other information. A form for each workflow is unique.

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What is a Card?

There are many cards inside a workflow. A card flows through multiple stages of a Workflow.

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What is a Data Table?

You might want to store and refer master data such as customer records, vendor details or product catalogues. These types of data can be stored in WorkHub24 as Data Tables.

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There 2 types of Workflows in WorkHub24

You may have noticed that in certain workflows you can easy move cards between stages, however, in others you cannot. This is because there are 2 types,

1. Arbitrary Workflows

Assignee or any other person who has access to the card can easily move card between stages

2. Structured Workflows

A card will be assigned to the designated assignee for the relevant stage. You cannot randomly move cards in the board(Kanban) view.

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